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Your PMB Cosmetic Tattoo Artists combine higher education, good judgement, and superior sanitation guidelines- maintaining up-to-date knowledge and skills to offer you the best that permanent cosmetics be.


We invite you to come see WHY we were voted 

In today's permanent makeup market, education can be a rarity. At PMB, we strive to seek out the best training and continued education available to constantly provide you with the safest, newest procedures and technologies. When choosing to go with PMB, you are choosing to go with an artist that continually goes above and beyond sanitation guidelines. PMB artists are affiliated with the nationally recognized: American Academy of Micropigmentation, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and the American Acedemy of Medical Microneedling.


Take comfort in knowing that PMB artists complete training that is above and beyond on an ongoing basis and do things because they are the right thing to do, not just because its what has to be done. 

Permanent makeup is an invasive procedure, so there is aways the risk to your general health. One should not believe the hype that any method of permanent makeup is not invasive, is not permanent, or is not completely risk-less.

Do everything you can to assure you, dont find yourself in the position that so many 

people do... Permanent Makeup applied by poorly trained, inexperienced technicans, using product that is NOT made for the art of Permanent Makeup.

In the hands of a skilled person, the procedures are safe and sanitary, but state regulatory agencies haven't kept pace with the growth of the permanent makeup industry, and there are lots of unqualified (and overconfident) people wielding needles.

1 and 2 day courses are running RAMPANT in Idaho, and in the PMU industry in general and the unfortunate result of this is undertrained technicians. 

In the state of Idaho, no certification or even training is necessary to practice Permanent Makeup... a very scary thought when considering something even Semi-Permanent (or so they advertise) to your focal features. Someone could literally watch YouTube videos, or learn on Facebook pmu support groups online to get the general application idea.. then proceed tell you they were trained and TATTOO YOUR FACE!!

Idaho also does not require inspections and, in most cases, a Permanent Makeup artist’s location, equipment, or sterilization methods are not never inspected or supervised by anyone. At PMB, being a professional business in the industry of healthy skin and esthetics as well as PMU, inspections are routinely done of all facilities and product by the State of Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses to ensure client and consumer safety. 


For ANY cosmetic procedure, it is imperative to find professionals that strive to offer the safest procedures, receive the best training they can, and use the highest quality product available to give you results to be proud of.

Permanent Makeup Boise artists will never hesitate to inform you of specific product information and explain everything to be used.

We will never hesitate to inform you of exactly what your doing and not sugarcoat it with false statements.

We attend classes and continued education constantly to be sure you are getting the most up to date information and techniques available.

We firmly believe you are never a MASTER of any industry, that there is constant change and evolution to things and its imperative to stay abreast. 

FDA Information on Permanent Makeup

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